Youth Empowerment Organization

Is an Independent, Private Non-Profit Organization (NPO) & Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). It’s a National Initiative that is delivered from the Youth to the Youth, in a Professional setting with a Global Outreach towards Entrepreneurship Advancements Worldwide. In 2012, was the start of Youth Empowerment Symposium. It was a yearly symposium, which grew to become the starting point of Youth Empowerment Organization in 2014

Our Vision 

To Empower the Youth to Drive a New Era of Entrepreneurship Development, Growth & Productivity

Our Mission

To Create Entrepeneruship Programs that Educates, Inform & Inspire the Youth

Our Goals

  • GOAL 1

    To Create a Connecting Bridge Between Global and Local Leaders with the Youth of Kuwait

  • GOAL 2

    To maintain yearly programs for Entrepreneurs by gathering a community of 100 Entrepreneurs

  • GOAL 3

    To guide one entrepeneur a year from the beginning with his/her startup to reach success

  • GOAL 4

    Taking 10 Entrepreneurs annually to develop there business model and create network with worldwide Entrepreneurs

Our Journey